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Bitwise Operations in ActionScript 3

We – Flash Engineers – rarely use these operators, but when we do, performance and efficiency are in mind.  Bitwise operators are used to manipulate bits of data/variables, they operate on single or sets/pairs of bits – otherwise known as … Continue reading

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Hello World in Java

I’m getting ahead of myself. I can’t wait for the book to arrive so I’ve been reading up the “WikiPedias” about Java and successfully setup Eclipse and ran a Hello World program. It’s not much, but it’s one step closer … Continue reading

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Learning JAVA

Yep, I’ve just ordered the Head First JAVA book and will be diving”head first” into JAVA.  Anyway I look at it, JAVA is becoming the main development platform with its common work-flow and cross-compilers to accommodate different environments. I can’t … Continue reading

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AS3 Array vs Vector

Another great new feature of AS3 and Flash Player 10 is the Vector Class.  Vectors are a lot like Arrays, in that they’re unsorted lists which can hold values/variables – with one caveat – they can only hold one type … Continue reading

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